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On the Internet, the e-mail services are legion. They do not all have the same opportunities. Most are actually slanted, do not provide secure ports or are limited in storage space. Fortunately, if you want to avoid such damage, you can turn to the e-nautia e-mail services with unlimited storage space and access to the secure IMAP, POP, SMTP ports.

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e-nautia was the first to offer free access to an unlimited storage space. This revolutionary e-mail service proposes to create a mailbox in or and to access your e-mails. Activation takes only a few clicks. Here, no need to fill out big forms and to justify ten times your identity! Everything is done to simplify your life. In addition, you have an almost instantaneous notification of the arrival of new e-mails when you are connected to the site. You can also send SMS and receive alerts if you are expecting an e-mail from a particular sender. The management of e-mails can be done by drag-and-drop. Filters enable the custom sort of your e-mails. Also discover a solution for sending large files without overloading the mailbox of your contacts. Enjoy the best service without waiting for e-mail!

Sign in e-mail with IMAP, POP and SMTP

With e-nautia, you have access to the IMAP and POP ports to receive your e-mails. The first one allows an online management of your e-mails. The second allows an offline management. You also have access to the SMTP port for sending e-mails. All these ports are accessible via TLS encryption. This allows you to safely use a mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird, or the client embedded in your mobile phone or smartphone. In short, you are free to check your e-mails as you wish and with the tool you want!
If you want to recover (by copying) your e-mails from an old box to store them in the new one, the Mail Copy tool is for you.

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